5 questions software engineers should ask in an interview


Now we have a separate method for searching for a hamster by the telephone number that we call in other methods. Now any changes to the logic in the search can be made in one place of the program and not many places. We also do not need to duplicate unnecessary lines of code.


This is a nice rule that says that in our program we should put the most important functionalities that we will need at a given moment . He also says not to write code that will not be useful at the moment, which will be redundant and which will only grow unnecessarily in our program. Let’s just write what we need at the moment, if we are not sure that we will need a given method then we do not define it.


Generally, by implementing the SQL Connection Dialog control in our applications, we save a lot of time, which we can spend 🙂more pleasantly than by coding the login window completely from scratch. Practically after several minutes of implementation, the user of our program will see a nice and fully functional login window. In general, after familiarizing myself with the functions of the SQL Connection Dialog control, I get the impression that such a complete solution has always been missing in my applications.

Hey! Today, we continue to introduce to the design patterns as well as the best design practices. All in all, these are well-known concepts that you’ve already met before. These are concepts designed to help you create code and make your code more understandable. We will look at the principles of KISS, DRY, YAGNI, TDA and SOC today. Why is it worth understanding and entering your code? See for yourself.

After such a record, you can immediately see what is responsible for what. You can see that our class is responsible for making calculations on numbers. Names of fields or properties are clear and understandable. The name of the method also describes itself.you can visit this site for more knowledge Internet Cafe Software.

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