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National Chrya could not be resolved by the head of the local football federation, because his proposal for a 200-millionth compensation was mocked. The case went to court and it seemed that it would go on forever. In the meantime, the settlement has settled 50 million euros, which the Russian agreed to pay in exchange for remaining under Monkish tax regulations.

Mr. and Mrs. Rybołowlew

However, the most severe sickle was measured by Mrs. Rybołowlew. Her lawyer later talked about the most expensive divorce in history. Dmitry’s nearly 9 billion assets have depleted half. It happened because Russian law in the case of difficult divorce proceedings provides for the division of the property in half and half. And Mr. Rybołowelew had only a Russian passport and was tried in accordance with local regulations.

At that time, he tried hard for the monakic citizenship, but Prince Grimaldi refused him. It gave a lot of opportunities for the journalists, those from the newspaper “L’Equipe” started to theorize that the refusal of the prince led to a marked deterioration of his relationship with the owner of Monaco.

 The Russian supposedly considered abandoning the team. He was thinking of something that, unforgettable for him and all the supporters of the team from the south of France in the evening on “The Emirates” had to immediately erase from memory.

The band, battled by various external adversities, without its most important links, which replaced anonymous fans of an average fan with names, players without much experience like Bernardo Silva, Abdennour or Bakayoko,

met the rival in the lion’s mouth, on the “Gunners” object, and made quite a sensation . He not only won confidently, showing football of iron defense, tactical wisdom and exemplary organization of the game, which was the second time in the current season he scored three goals in the match.For best services you can visit just goto UFABET.


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