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The Ministry of Finance has published an official register of gambling websites for offering games not in accordance with the law , i.e. non-state websites with casinos and poker games.

According to the amended Gambling Act, from 1 July 2017 Internet providers will have 48 hours to block customers from accessing websites that are on the register.

On April 1, 2017, the amendment to the Gambling Act of November 19, 2009, which aims, among others, has come into force. fight against illegal gambling on the Internet.

August 14.Tusk found out what trouble his people had got into. Kamiński showed him fragments of transcripts from talks with lobbyists, he said about attempts to change the act under the dictation of lobbyists. If it were true, what Boni said in the Sejm that Tusk had already instructed to write new assumptions on 30 July, Tusk would have no reason to hide it from Kaminski;
on the contrary, he would have to tell Kaminski everything so that Kaminski would know what is happening to the law which is particularly at risk of pathological lobbying and requires special anti-corruption protection. Inventing the justification for keeping the 30 July order secret from the head of its own anti-corruption service, alarming about irregularities with this bill, will be one of the major challenges of the narrative builders.


August 19. Tusk meets Drzewiecki and Schetyna. Schetyna’s presence in this conversation proves to be so uncomfortable that it does not go to the calendar prepared by Jacek Cichocki. Fortunately for Tusk and Cichocki, nobody worries them with uncomfortable questions, whether Schetynie “they forgot” together,You can get this right here without cost judi online.
or whether it was a personal decision of Tusk, who simply did not tell Cichocki about the participation of Schetyna. The meeting with Drzewiecki and Schetyna takes place without witnesses, there are no notes for Cichocki or Kamiński. This is another thing that Tusk will find difficult to explain.

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