SICILIA – earthquake December 26, 2018 – Zafferana Etnea

This type of analysis is a process that due to its complexity requires computer calculations every time – now in Advance Design we can assess the building’s behavior under the influence of quakes in an easy way, which in the areas at risk should be a standard.

You can save the accelerograms in a text form and load them into the program – thanks to this, we will easily use the data from the measurement centers that have registered the previous movements of the Earth.ANIMATION FOR TIME ANALYSIS

What do you gain?

The ability to present animations for the entire range of time analysis – not just for a specific step Animation is one of the types of presentation of results. Until now, the animation could also be presented for dislocations coming from the time analysis, but it took place for a particular step.

From now on it is possible to present the animation of time analysis displacements for the full range of activity. This is particularly important for the analysis, the function of which is determined by the accelerometer, eg earthquake – as discussed in the previous point.

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I used to fight for my life in Etna earlier, but since I survived, I decided to take one more trip.

To villages destroyed by the recent earthquake. Frozen, sore, with various wounds – but what’s wrong with me. Sicily but the weather did not match. At night, zero degrees, snow and rain, wind. I was too optimistic about the dress code. Now take a look at how these features of eathquake tracker.

Not wanting to walk in a wet down jacket and to dry on myself, I only had a short-sleeved shirt and a thin membrane jacket on it. Summer pants on the legs. I was freezing again. But it’s hard. Zafferan Etnea’s goal.

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